Voter Info & Candidate List

2018 GOP Primary Winners & Run-off Candidates 

Madison County

Probate Judge:  Frank Barger

Coroner:  Tyler Berryhill

Board of Education District 2:  Angie Bates

Madison County Republican Executive Committee

At Large, Place 6:  Brad Taylor

At Large, Place 9:  Matt Massey

District 11, Place 2:  David Bier

District 11, Place 3:  Thomas M Weaver

United States House of Representatives

District 2:  Bobby Bright, Martha Roby

District 4:  Robert Aderholt

District 5:  Mo Brooks


Kay Ivey

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth,   Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh  

Attorney General

Troy King,   Steve Marshall   

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

Tom Parker  

Associate of the Alabama Supreme Court

Place 1:  Brad Mendheim,   Sarah Hicks Stewart

Place 4:  Jay Mitchell

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals

Place 1:  Christy Olinger Edwards,  Michelle Manley Thomason

Place 2:  Chad Hanson  

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1:  Richard Minor

Place 2:  Rich Anderson,   Chris McCool  

Place 3:  Bill Cole

Secretary of State

John Merrill


John McMillan


Jim Zeigler

Agriculture and Industries

Gerald Dial,     Rick Pate

Public Service Commission

Place 1:  Jeremy H Oden

Place 2:  Chris “Chip” Beeker Jr.,   

State Board of Education

District 2:  Melanie Hill,     Tracie West

District 8:  Wayne Reynolds

Alabama Senate

District 2:  Tom Butler

District 4:  Garlan Gudger

District 6:  Steve Lolley,   Larry Stutts

District 7:  Sam Givhan

District 8:  Steve Livingston

District 10:  Andrew Jones

District 12:  Del Marsh

District 13:  Randy Price,   Mike Sparks

District 15:  Maranda Carter

District 21:  Gerald Allen  

District 25:  Will Barfoot

District 32:  J Chris Elliott,   Bill Roberts

District 34:  Jack Williams

Alabama House of Representatives

House District 3:  Andrew Sorrell

House District 4:  Parker Duncan Moore

House District 7:  Ken Johnson,   Proncey Robertson

House District 9:  Scott Stadthagen

House District 10:  Mike Ball

House District 12:  Corey Harbison

House District 13:  Thomas McCarty,   Connie Cooner Rowe

House District 14:  Tim Wadsworth

House District 16:  Kyle South

House District 17:  Tracy Estes,   Phil Segraves

House District 18:  Jamie Kiel

House District 22:  Ritchie Whorton

House District 23:  Tommy Hanes

House District 27:  Wes Kitchens

House District 30:  B Craig Lipscomb,   Robert McKay

House District 31:  Mike Holmes

House District 33:  Ron Johnson

House District 38:  Todd Rauch,   Debbie Hamby Wood 

House District 39:  Ginny Shaver

House District 42:  James M “Jimmy” Martin

House District 45:  Dickie Drake

House District 47:  Kirkland T (Tom) Byars,   David Wheeler

House District 48:  Jim Carns

House District 49:  April Weaver

House District 61:  Billy McFarland,   Rodney Sullivan

House District 64:  Stephen Siver

House District 73:  Matt Fridy

House District 81:  Terry D Martin,   Ed Oliver

House District 87:  Jeff Sorrells

House District 88:  Al Booth,   Will Dismukes

House District 89:  Wes Allen

House District 91:  Rhett Marques,    Lister H Reeves Jr

House District 102:  Willie Gray,   Shane Stringer

House District 105: Chip Brown 

District Attorney

Circuit 10 (Jefferson County):  Mike Anderton,   Bill Veitch

Circuit Judge

Circuit 8 (Morgan), Place 2:  Charles Elliott 

Circuit 9 (Cherokee, DeKalb), Place 2:  Andrew Hairston,   Scott Lloyd,   Jeff McCurdy

Circuit 10 (Jefferson), Place 8:  Monica Agee,   Tracey Crisan McDonald

Circuit 12 (Coffee, Pike), Place 1:  Henry “Sonny” Reagan,   Josh Wilson

Circuit 13 (Mobile), Place 6:  Brandy B Hambright,    Harry Satterwhite

Circuit 15 (Montgomery), Place 4:  Cody Robinson   

Circuit 18 (Shelby), Place 2:  Phillip Bahakel,     Patrick Kennedy

Circuit 20 (Henry, Houston), Place 1: John Steensland

Circuit 32 (Cullman), Place 2:  Martha E Williams

Circuit 40: (Clay, Coosa), Place 1:  David Law    

Circuit Clerk

Baldwin County:  Jody Wise Campbell,   Pam Forbes,   Mark S Stejskal

Bibb County:  Kayla Tucker Cooner,   Russell “Rusty” Price,   Keith Stringfellow

Blount County:  Cindy C Massey,   Nick Washburn

Clay County:  Donna J Mathews,   Julie G Poe

Cleburne County:  Robert D Campbell,   Warren Sarrell

Coffee County:  DeAnn Cronk,   Amy L Reeves

Colbert County:  Mark Eady,   Sharica S Long

DeKalb County:  Todd Greeson, Melissa Ledbetter

Elmore County:  Michael Dozier,   Angie Cruise Gardner,   Brian Justiss

Jackson County:  Bart Buchanan,   Keshia Gardner,   Kyle Shelton,   Tony Wallingsford

Marion County:  Denise Ledbetter Mixon,   Tina Bass Taylor,   Amy Ballard Williford

Marshall County:  Kara Groves-Bevill,   Angie Johnson,   Deise Giles Johnson,   Debbie Swords,   Delana Davidson Weaver

Shelby County:  Sharon R Cooper,   Mary H Harris,   

Tuscaloosa County:  Magaria Hamner Bobo,   Shannon Holloway

District Judge

Baldwin County, Place 2:  Brian Dasinger,   Bill Scully

Bibb County, Place 1:  Craig Cargile,    William D Owings

Calhoun County, Place 1:  Marilyn Hudson,   Tom Wright

Calhoun County, Place 2:  Chris McIntyre,   Randy Moeller

Mobile County, Place 4:  Spiro Cheriogotis,   Derrick Williams,   George Zoghby

Monroe County:  Emily P Steele,   Lori L Womble

Pike County:  Steven Curtis,   January (Jana) Blair Ellis,   Virginia Green Nowling

Randolph County:  Melody Ridings Baldwin,   Amy M Newsome

ALGOP State Executive Committee

Baldwin County, Place 3:  Jeff S Nelson

Calhoun County, Place 2:  Steve Henry

Calhoun County, Place 3: Larry Sims

Calhoun County, Place 4:  Carol L Allen

Chilton County, Place 1:  Renee Gentle Powers

Cleburne County, Place 1:  Laura Morrow Cobb

Covington County, Place 2:  Steven King

Cullman County, Place 2:  Thomas A Barnes,  Melvin Hasting   

Cullman County, Place 3:  John Mahler

DeKalb County, Place 3:  Jack Stiefel

Elmore County, Place 2:  Jeana Boggs   

Etowah County, Place 2:  Sandra Lasseter

Houston County, Place 1:  Lori Beth Evans

Houston County, Place 2:  Dwight A Davis

Houston County, Place 3:  Will Matthews

Jefferson County, District 1, Place 1:  Scott Stone

Jefferson County, District 1, Place 2:  Danny Reid

Jefferson County, District 2, Place 1:  David Wisdom

Jefferson County, District 2, Place 2:  Vickie Evans Fuller

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 1:  Angela M Petelos

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 6:  Stephen Parker

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 8:  Teresa B Petelos

Jefferson County, District 4, Place 3:  Phil Sims

Jefferson County, District 4, Place 7:  John Amari,   Stan Cooke

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 1:  Jerry Bahakel   

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 4:  Greg Cook

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 5:  Matt Lembke,   Albert “Butch” Zargoza

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 6:   Jackie Curtiss,   Colin Luke

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 7:  Tom Davis,   Gina Dearborn,   Jay Thompson

Lauderdale County, Place 1:  Sam Newton,  

Lauderdale County, Place 4:  James Elwyn Irby

Limestone County, Place 1:  Bruce Reynolds

Limestone County, Place 3:  Ronnie G Coffman,   Ben Harrison

Madison County, District 1, Place 1:  Matthew A Hitt

Mobile County, Place 1:  Jerry Lathan

Mobile County, Place 5:  Chad Fincher,   Nancy Fitzgerald

Mobile County, Place 6:  Janet A Oglesby

Mobile County, Place 9:  Lutricia Whatley Strange

Mobile County, Place 10:  Austin L Rainwaters

Mobile County, Place 11:  Cole Manders,   Adam Strange

Montgomery County, Place 1:  Don Fisher

Montgomery County, Place 3:  Drew Nelson

Montgomery County, Place 4:  Ryan Adams

Morgan County, Place 4:  Dwight Satterfield

Shelby County, Place 1:  Bill Armistead

Shelby County, Place 3:  David Wilson

Shelby County, Place 5:  Mike Vest

Shelby County, Place 7: Tim Cox,   Charles Knight

Tallapoosa County, Place 1:  Denise S Bates

Tallapoosa County, Place 2:  Joseph R Fuller

Tuscaloosa County, Place 4:  Don Wallace

Winston County, Place 1:  Ted Denson