Voter Info & Candidate List

2018 GOP Candidates

Madison County

Probate Judge:  Frank Barger

Coroner:  Tyler Berryhill

Board of Education District 2:  Angie Bates

Madison County Republican Executive Committee

At Large, Place 6:  Brad Taylor

At Large, Place 9:  Matt Massey

District 11, Place 2:  David Bier

District 11, Place 3:  Thomas M Weaver

United States House of Representatives

District 2:  Martha Roby

District 4:  Robert Aderholt

District 5:  Mo Brooks


Kay Ivey

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth

Attorney General

Steve Marshall   

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

Tom Parker  

Associate of the Alabama Supreme Court

Place 1:  Sarah Hicks Stewart

Place 4:  Jay Mitchell

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals

Place 1:  Christy Olinger Edwards

Place 2:  Chad Hanson  

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1:  Richard Minor

Place 2:  Chris McCool  

Place 3:  Bill Cole

Secretary of State

John Merrill


John McMillan


Jim Zeigler

Agriculture and Industries

Rick Pate

Public Service Commission

Place 1:  Jeremy H Oden

Place 2:  Chris “Chip” Beeker Jr.,   

State Board of Education

District 2:  Tracie West

District 8:  Wayne Reynolds

Alabama Senate

District 2:  Tom Butler

District 4:  Garlan Gudger

District 6:  Larry Stutts

District 7:  Sam Givhan

District 8:  Steve Livingston

District 10:  Andrew Jones

District 12:  Del Marsh

District 13:  Randy Price

District 15:  Maranda Carter

District 21:  Gerald Allen  

District 25:  Will Barfoot

District 32:  J Chris Elliott

District 34:  Jack Williams

Alabama House of Representatives

House District 3:  Andrew Sorrell

House District 4:  Parker Duncan Moore

House District 7:  Ken Johnson,   Proncey Robertson

House District 9:  Scott Stadthagen

House District 10:  Mike Ball

House District 12:  Corey Harbison

House District 13:  Thomas McCarty,   Connie Cooner Rowe

House District 14:  Tim Wadsworth

House District 16:  Kyle South

House District 17:  Tracy Estes

House District 18:  Jamie Kiel

House District 22:  Ritchie Whorton

House District 23:  Tommy Hanes

House District 27:  Wes Kitchens

House District 30:  B Craig Lipscomb

House District 31:  Mike Holmes

House District 33:  Ron Johnson

House District 38:  Debbie Hamby Wood 

House District 39:  Ginny Shaver

House District 42:  James M “Jimmy” Martin

House District 45:  Dickie Drake

House District 47:  Kirkland T (Tom) Byars,   David Wheeler

House District 48:  Jim Carns

House District 49:  April Weaver

House District 61:  Billy McFarland,   Rodney Sullivan

House District 64:  Stephen Siver

House District 73:  Matt Fridy

House District 81:  Ed Oliver

House District 87:  Jeff Sorrells

House District 88:  Will Dismukes

House District 89:  Wes Allen

House District 91:  Rhett Marques

House District 102:  Shane Stringer

House District 105: Chip Brown 

District Attorney

Circuit 10 (Jefferson County):  Mike Anderton,   Bill Veitch

Circuit Judge

Circuit 8 (Morgan), Place 2:  Charles Elliott 

Circuit 9 (Cherokee, DeKalb), Place 2:  Andrew Hairston,   Scott Lloyd,   Jeff McCurdy

Circuit 10 (Jefferson), Place 8:  Monica Agee,   Tracey Crisan McDonald

Circuit 12 (Coffee, Pike), Place 1:  Henry “Sonny” Reagan,   Josh Wilson

Circuit 13 (Mobile), Place 6:  Brandy B Hambright

Circuit 15 (Montgomery), Place 4:  Cody Robinson   

Circuit 18 (Shelby), Place 2:  Patrick Kennedy

Circuit 20 (Henry, Houston), Place 1: John Steensland

Circuit 32 (Cullman), Place 2:  Martha E Williams

Circuit 40: (Clay, Coosa), Place 1:  David Law    

Circuit Clerk

Baldwin County:  Jody Wise Campbell,   Pam Forbes,   Mark S Stejskal

Bibb County:  Kayla Tucker Cooner,   Russell “Rusty” Price,   Keith Stringfellow

Blount County:  Cindy C Massey,   Nick Washburn

Clay County:  Donna J Mathews,   Julie G Poe

Cleburne County:  Robert D Campbell,   Warren Sarrell

Coffee County:  DeAnn Cronk,   Amy L Reeves

Colbert County:  Mark Eady,   Sharica S Long

DeKalb County:  Todd Greeson, Melissa Ledbetter

Elmore County:  Michael Dozier,   Angie Cruise Gardner,   Brian Justiss

Jackson County:  Bart Buchanan,   Keshia Gardner,   Kyle Shelton,   Tony Wallingsford

Marion County:  Denise Ledbetter Mixon,   Tina Bass Taylor,   Amy Ballard Williford

Marshall County:  Kara Groves-Bevill,   Angie Johnson,   Deise Giles Johnson,   Debbie Swords,   Delana Davidson Weaver

Shelby County:  Sharon R Cooper,   Mary H Harris,   

Tuscaloosa County:  Magaria Hamner Bobo,   Shannon Holloway

District Judge

Baldwin County, Place 2:  Brian Dasinger,   Bill Scully

Bibb County, Place 1:  Craig Cargile,    William D Owings

Calhoun County, Place 1:  Marilyn Hudson,   Tom Wright

Calhoun County, Place 2:  Chris McIntyre,   Randy Moeller

Mobile County, Place 4:  Spiro Cheriogotis

Monroe County:  Emily P Steele,   Lori L Womble

Pike County:  Steven Curtis

Randolph County:  Melody Ridings Baldwin,   Amy M Newsome

ALGOP State Executive Committee

Baldwin County, Place 3:  Jeff S Nelson

Calhoun County, Place 2:  Steve Henry

Calhoun County, Place 3: Larry Sims

Calhoun County, Place 4:  Carol L Allen

Chilton County, Place 1:  Renee Gentle Powers

Cleburne County, Place 1:  Laura Morrow Cobb

Covington County, Place 2:  Steven King

Cullman County, Place 2:  Thomas A Barnes,  Melvin Hasting   

Cullman County, Place 3:  John Mahler

DeKalb County, Place 3:  Jack Stiefel

Elmore County, Place 2:  Jeana Boggs   

Etowah County, Place 2:  Sandra Lasseter

Houston County, Place 1:  Lori Beth Evans

Houston County, Place 2:  Dwight A Davis

Houston County, Place 3:  Will Matthews

Jefferson County, District 1, Place 1:  Scott Stone

Jefferson County, District 1, Place 2:  Danny Reid

Jefferson County, District 2, Place 1:  David Wisdom

Jefferson County, District 2, Place 2:  Vickie Evans Fuller

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 1:  Angela M Petelos

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 6:  Stephen Parker

Jefferson County, District 3, Place 8:  Teresa B Petelos

Jefferson County, District 4, Place 3:  Phil Sims

Jefferson County, District 4, Place 7:  John Amari,   Stan Cooke

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 1:  Jerry Bahakel   

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 4:  Greg Cook

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 5:  Matt Lembke,   Albert “Butch” Zargoza

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 6:   Jackie Curtiss,   Colin Luke

Jefferson County, District 5, Place 7:  Tom Davis,   Gina Dearborn,   Jay Thompson

Lauderdale County, Place 1:  Sam Newton,  

Lauderdale County, Place 4:  James Elwyn Irby

Limestone County, Place 1:  Bruce Reynolds

Limestone County, Place 3:  Ronnie G Coffman,   Ben Harrison

Madison County, District 1, Place 1:  Matthew A Hitt

Mobile County, Place 1:  Jerry Lathan

Mobile County, Place 5:  Chad Fincher,   Nancy Fitzgerald

Mobile County, Place 6:  Janet A Oglesby

Mobile County, Place 9:  Lutricia Whatley Strange

Mobile County, Place 10:  Austin L Rainwaters

Mobile County, Place 11:  Cole Manders,   Adam Strange

Montgomery County, Place 1:  Don Fisher

Montgomery County, Place 3:  Drew Nelson

Montgomery County, Place 4:  Ryan Adams

Morgan County, Place 4:  Dwight Satterfield

Shelby County, Place 1:  Bill Armistead

Shelby County, Place 3:  David Wilson

Shelby County, Place 5:  Mike Vest

Shelby County, Place 7: Tim Cox,   Charles Knight

Tallapoosa County, Place 1:  Denise S Bates

Tallapoosa County, Place 2:  Joseph R Fuller

Tuscaloosa County, Place 4:  Don Wallace

Winston County, Place 1:  Ted Denson