Voter Info & Candidate List

2018 GOP Candidates on Madison County Ballot


Kay Ivey  (Dem. Opposition)

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth   (Dem. Opposition)

United States House of Representatives

District 5:  Mo Brooks  (Dem. Opposition)

Attorney General

Steve Marshall   (Dem. Opposition)

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court

Tom Parker  (Dem. Opposition)

Associate of the Alabama Supreme Court

Place 1:  Sarah Hicks Stewart

Place 2:  Tommy Bryan

Place 3:  Will Sellers

Place 4:  Jay Mitchell  (Dem. Opposition)

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals

Place 1:  Christy Olinger Edwards

Place 2:  Chad Hanson  

Place 3:  Terry A. Moore

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1:  Richard Minor

Place 2:  Chris McCool  

Place 3:  Bill Cole

Secretary of State

John Merrill  (Dem. Opposition)


John McMillan


Jim Zeigler   (Dem. Opposition)

Agriculture and Industries

Rick Pate

Public Service Commission

Place 1:  Jeremy H Oden   (Dem. Opposition)

Place 2:  Chris “Chip” Beeker Jr.,   (Dem. Opposition)

Alabama Senate

District 1:  Tim Nelson  (Dem. Opposition)

District 2:  Tom Butler    (Dem. Opposition)

District 3:  Arthur Orr

District 7:  Sam Givhan  (Dem. Opposition)

District 8:  Steve Livingston

District 9:  Clay Scofield

Alabama House of Representatives

House District 6:  Andy Whitt

House District 10:  Mike Ball  (Dem. Opposition)

House District 20:  Howard Sanderford  (Dem. Opposition)

House District 21:  Rex Reynolds  (Dem. Opposition)

House District 22:  Ritchie Whorton

House District 25:  MAC McCutcheon

State Board of Education

District 8:  Wayne Reynolds  (Dem. Opposition)

Circuit Judge, 23rd Judicial Circuit

Place 1:  Karen K. Hall

Place 3:  Ruth Ann Hall

Place 5:  Donna S. Pate

Place 6:  Chris Comer

District Judge Madison County

Place 1:  Claude E. Hundley III

Place 3:  Linda Coats

Circuit Clerk

Madison County:  Debra Kizer

Madison County

Probate Judge:  Frank Barger  (Dem. Opposition)

Sheriff:  Kevin Turner  (Dem. Opposition)

Coroner:  Tyler Berryhill

Superintendent Board of Education:  Matt Massey

Board of Education District 1:  Nathan Curry

Board of Education District 2:  Angie Bates